Handling the Logisitcs of IM?

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    Often I hear stories of their success but I find i too abstract to believe.
    Would anyone like to explain how they go about handling the all the paperworks emails and stay productivity on the go without being side track and still stay on the goals even when met with issues?

    MS onenote- I find it useful I often use it to chunk related information using the cut and paste functions,also allows me to take screenshot and paste shares and email.

    Delicious firefox plugins - if i come across any pages I like I will just tag it with not more than two tags.For example,if i am doing wordpress with navigation.I will just tag it WORDPRESS then NAV.allows me to search by the latest date.

    Rough pieces of paper - will write down info to do planning on comp hang idles or jotting down ideas.

    Daily planning - stick out info on the dry erase board that I wished to archieve to avoid being sidetrack.

    Any useful tips please feel free to contribute.
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    Excel always works best for me ;)
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    First i structure everything i do on Categories:

    Keyword research:


    So everytime i pick one categorie,i will be working on some of these options.

    All categorie has a Storage point when it will be all the data from the research,and the Technical is the files explaining the pratical side of using the data that was collected etc.

    So since i spend a lot of time researching things this method of structure,helped me a lot on not loosing all the info that i was collecting.

    When i have a problem on "Keyword research" i just pick the task that is missing and follow the structure to see where is the problem if is on technical,research,management,etc.

    So today i will pick the categorie "Content creation" so i research all following the structure.

    There is also the management side of applying the tasks for example:

    Task 1:
    Who will do :
    When will do:
    The goal to do:
    When it will return:

    I use ace project for tasks management.

    There is more things like Docs,excel,etc that i use,but i just wanted to give a overall of how i organize my company.