Hand made Lapis Lazuli jewelry and Gemstones

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    I currently have contacts with a few locals Afghans and can source Lapis Lazuli directly from Afghanistan as well as other products such as gemstones. The lapis from Afghanistan is consider the best due to its dark blue color with limited amount of calcite and a good amount of pyrite. The best part about lapis is that besides jewelry, lapis is sculpted into many other things such as bowls, plates, animals, spheres, eggs, and so on.

    Additionally Afghanistan has a large source of gem stones such as topaz ,ruby ,emerald, star sapphire, aquamarine, amethyst, tourmaline, opal, kunzite, tanzanite.


    Whole sale or drop shipping?: No drop shipping, but low min of just $100.

    Shipping: Order will be sent to me and then repacked and sent where they need to go, tracking # is included. Cost: flat rate of $15 for US orders and $30 for international

    Time table: It takes 10 days to 4 weeks for a package from Afghanistan to arrive.

    Price: varies on size and weight will have a price list made here shortly, at the moment please pm me for prices.

    Samples: I do have samples of lapis pendants, animals and sphere if anyone is interested in seeing the quality before ordering.
    Sample price: pendants: $10
    Animal carving: $100
    sphere: $50