Halo 4 - Xbox 360 Region Free Wholesale

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    So I just got some Halo 4 Xbox 360 games. The format is PAL but they work region free so NTSC will work too.

    As the price goes:

    1 Quantity (Dropshipping) = $45 per piece + Shipping
    10 MOQ (Wholesale) = $40 per piece + Shipping

    Depending on the quantity bought, the price can be lowered. I recommend buying in wholesale for you guys to increase profit since Shipping costs a fair bit.
    I can get you these games fast if need be with 2-5 day shipping.

    Looking forward to move these units of the game. Again, XBOX 360 REGION FREE Halo 4. Retail is $60 so you guys can make a decent profit from this!

    PayPal Accepted!
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