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Nov 8, 2008
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Hey guys, I've set up a landing page to sell Provillus (hair loss product).. Yeah, I know it's a high competitive niche and I should have gone to a less competitive, etc..

My campaign is not working cause my score is low and I don't want to pay too much per click.

I have $100 in adwords credit..

I'd like that someone sucessful on Adwords with affiliate add me in an Instant Messenger and show me what I need to do(yeah, take me by the hand.. lol)

Well, it's not about money for me now.. so, I'd give you 50% of my gains or anything like that..

but I want to learn to make a sucessful affiliate with PPC.

The landing page:

Please, if someone want to help me, I will be glad.

50% for showing up technique and couching.. really good deal :)
yeah, as a business model I know it's not good for the coach.. lol

well, maybe someone want to help just to help..
Hmmm... I can teach some lazy bum who wants to be taken by the hand and earn 50% or I can do it myself and earn 100%...

Gee.. what should I do... ?

You need to put your target keyword 'hair loss' or 'treatment for hair loss' or whatever at the front of your page title, also, you need to add it to a h1 tag. Can't hurt to put it in the meta description too. Include links to about us, contact us pages as well.

Make sure you have really tight, relevant keywords in each ad group and your ad mentions the keyword 3 times.

Give that a go and see if your score improves.
How much was your conversion for this hair loss niche.
I am losing hair also,will this work for me.
I am turning bald
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