Had a call from a potential major client this morning! A little advice please

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    Hi all, as the title suggests I had a phone call this morning from a local builders merchants, I actually missed the call and they left a message.

    From what they said in the message they are looking for a company which could design websites for local builders and tradesmen who buy supplies from them.

    I imagine they will promote the service in their outlet and would want a cut of the revenue from each site built.

    Now the bigger picture is that this company has over 30 outlets/warehouses nationwide so if this ended up being profitable for them it could possibly expand to all outlets.

    I'm just trying to gather as much information as I can before I call them back, I build sites for local businesses anyway but I'm probably only going to have one shot at this and I imagine they will have contacted other companies in the area.

    Any and I do mean any advice will be greatly appreciated.


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