Hacker’s managed to crack Google’s Blogger CAPTCHA

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    I'll bite. who has a rapidshare for something that works?...

    Websense Security Labs ThreatSeeker? technology has discovered that spammers, in their recent tactics, have targeted Google?s well-known blog publishing system ?Blogger? aka ?Blogspot?. According to Websense Security Labs that spammers are also able break the Google?s Gmail, Microsoft Hotmail, Microsoft Windows Live Mail CAPTCHA and able to create a lot of spam accounts to deliver the spam.

    According to the Security company Websense, the entire process of breaking the CAPTCHA is done through the automated applications. These automated applications create a lot of spam accounts on Google Blogger platform according to some predefined settings. Google Blogger platform also has one CAPTCHA to handle these sort of attacks but attackers developed advanced algorithms that help them to bypass the process of CAPTCHA and create blogger accounts.
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    Great.. just waiting for a tool to come in market :)