Hacked Skype sorry for the spam messages if you have me...

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    Jul 25, 2012
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    Skype: josh_viceoffers
    Skype Account Hacked!
    This Kid Was Talking Shit and Didn't think I could Do it LMFAO!
    GOML Nigga!
    This shit has been Hacked By CaptainAnon!
    SubScribe to www.youtube.com/CrEaTiiOnFluqz
    -CaptainAnon Bitch!!

    This is the mass spam he sent across Skype. If you have blocked me please do unblock me.
    He gained access by knowing my email address and social engineering Skype's live support.

    My Skype ID: Newelly08
    His Skype ID: chaselidiotdavis