H1-B Visa (GUEST WORKER) and general dislike of them because of taking AMERICAN jobs

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    Third world country
    Wanted to know your thoughts because some of you may be working online because of the H1-B Visa Program. (*Would also like to hear from the non-US citizens working there is like)

    So I have an opportunity to work at the US as an encoder (just a guest worker for 4 years). I thought this was a great way to double my earnings career wise and in the online industry. Since the US has a lot of disposable income and I could buy and sell products instead of depending on marketing only (ex. creating banners or ads, clicks, affiliate links), and create drop-shipping and stuff (AMAZON , eBay thing). Now I am having second thoughts because from what I hear, both the American and Non-American are getting screwed over by the companies. What I have read in some of the forums are these in general.

    1) Companies prioritize guest workers because they have low wages compared to a US citizen
    2) I pay my taxes but can't afford to find a high-earning job
    3) I have no pity for them because they should take care for there own country. They have an unfair advantage in hiring because even though I studied (insert what IVY league), they would give precedence to them without asking me that I would happily agree on the same terms. [*This due to the fact that a citizen can fight back,sue, if the company is mistreating them so they don't hire in them in the first place]
    4) They're just leeches, they have spent nothing {Although this is not through, going there is a fortune} in earning that job, why don't they go back to their own country and work there?

    1) We treated as second class citizens, can't complain, be sick, with a constant fear of being deported on the side
    2) Was told that I could earn ($$$$) but was deducted to ($) (On a worst case they don't get paid months at a time)
    3) Can't find other companies because I am lock on a contract, once my H1-B is terminated must go home within 10 days
    4) Was promised to earn a green card for citizenship but it has been (6 to infinite years) and the company still holds me hostage

    1) Lots of money and bribery
    2) Workers assured not to go to the competitors
    3) Can negotiate terms IN FAVOR of the company (deportation threat really works well)
    4) Immigration officials get a cut of the pie in finding employees

    *Just a small note: Everyone wants to have a "successful life". It doesn't necessarily mean cars and mansions but for me an overall sense of security and peace of mind, (by that I mean not going hungry, able to afford medical care, not swallowed in debt) . Just wanted to hear everyone's minds on this. Thanks for reading :peep:
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    Worse in Europe bro.

    At least USA declared to take the amount of immigrants in a year that enter germany in less than a day :-D
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    Simple answers:

    - Yes companies use this system to get cheaper labor and they abuse this massively. Are you taking a job that no one else could reasonably do in the US or are you just cheaper?
    - You won't get a green card just by working here on this visa and that is probably just fair. Other people have to pay for their paperwork (even when you are getting married you still pay $$$$ to get the paperwork processed).
    - If you can get a decent contract with a decent company and earn more than at home than take it. Make sure it is all legit or otherwise yeah you may get screwed.
    - Do not expect to get a promotion or anything. While possible, as I pointed out above, if you are just cheaper than someone here why pay you more instead of getting someone cheaper again? Now if you have a rare skill to go along with it that may look different.
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    I've been looking into the H1B just now and it doesn't seem as bad as what you have mentioned. Have you contacted an immigration lawyer yet to understand the process easily?
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    Disney World in Florida is being sued by ex-employees that had to train their HB1 replacements. I am unable to shed a tear for the company. I hope the ex-employees win so big that they put all Disney based companies out of business.

    There is a bill that was recently introduce into the US Congress that would pare back 15,000 HB1 visa's. I would like to see the HB1's completely eliminated. For those that actually do have irreplaceable skills there is the U visa that is unlimited

    The HB1 process is being abused to the disadvantage of the US citizen.
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    People will always whine about this issues. There is always that group of workers that want it easy, crying out everytime the conditions change. As a company, if i can get someone for less to do the same or even better jobs, a natural decision would be to hire them. If it's someone who will be less prone to cause problems for x issues or y things, even better.
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    It actually depends on the parent company that apply and send you there. You'll not have many aforementioned issues related to job security or salary etc. It might be hard as you said, if you go thru any of those shady body-shopping companies with stupid contracts.
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    Amen, brother.

    For the OP:

    I worked with an Indian who finally got his green card and said "Sweet now I can get a DUI." lol

    Yes, you have to be very good. And Indians don't get residency/green cards as easily as others such as Cubans.

    Americanized Indians are actually pretty funny and cool. Get ready for a culture shock, dude, but the ones who mesh well with us seem to have a wicked sense of humor. So, you'll need humor.

    I can only speak from the coding side, but yes, Indians have a really bad name for themselves here as terrible coders. However, the ones who studied here are usually pretty good. You will need to prove yourself, but doesn't everyone in a regular job?

    Had plenty of Indian team mates. I don't think we look down on them but again the ones who come here are considered the best.

    So, yes, you guys have built a really shitty name for yourself over here, but always had good times with the ones who were able to get the H1-B thing.
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