Guys need help!! what do you mean by this?

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    This communication shall serve as notice to you that Commission Junction is exercising its right to terminate the Commission Junction Publisher Service Agreement it has entered into with you in 15 days from the date of this notice.

    Therefore, 15 days from the date of this notice, your account with Commission Junction will be terminated and will no longer be active. Please remove all links/ banners within 15 days of this notice because you will no longer be authorized to post such links/banners and receive any compensation for referrals through such links/banners after 15 days of this notice.

    Additionally, during this 15-day notice period, if you violate the Commission Junction Publisher Service Agreement you agreed to follow, your account may be immediately terminated, prior to the end of the notice period, in Commission Junction?s sole discretion, transactions may be reversed from your account ("charged-back"), and any attempt to rejoin the Commission Junction Network shall be null and void.

    If you have questions regarding this notice, please reply to this email using the provided reply-to address and leave the subject line intact.

    Is this mean that i can get my earnings?! its over $1k!!
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    What were you doing to get banned?

    If you violated their rules, yeah, say goodbye to your money. :p