Gulf oil spill fulfills 100 year old plan

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    The Gulf of Mexico oil disaster was prophesied in 1903 by Gustav Meyrink, a European author, banker and occultist. In his 1903 short story - Petroleum, Petroleum - he actually says it is a prophecy. And he actually mentions the Gulf of Mexico as the location of the disaster. And he says the goal of the oil spill is to destroy the human habitat and human life itself. Petroleum, Petroleum - itself is about an evil chemist who intentionally causes an oil disaster by blowing up oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico. This destroys the lives of the people living along the shore of the Gulf of Mexico. The oil spills into the Gulf for years as the rest of the world bickers about what to do, covering all oceans. This causes seawater to no longer evaporate and it stops raining. This should destroy the rest of humanity. Exactly the intention of the evil chemist, who created the oil spill. Websites and radio shows dedicated to conspiracies and the New World Order are using this 1903 short story to say the Gulf of Mexico oil rig Deepwater Horizon was blown up on purpose and the oil will be allowed to leak into the water for years to come, allowing the New Wold Order to use the disaster to create their one world order.

    Hereby a link to the English Translation of Gustav Meyrink's Short Story Petroleum Petroleum (1903) in which he foresaw the BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill. Just google - gustav meyrink petroleum, petroleum -.
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    Yeah I read that last week. Very interesting to say the very LEAST.
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