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    At first I wanted to just reply to this thread where the OP is asking for guidence http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/clickbank/534582-need-help-please-clickbank.html but then I thought my post may help some other beginners too so I made it a new thread.

    First try to figure out what type of promotion/marketing are you more inclined to do. If you think you're good at making videos try to begin with Video marketing, if you're good at writing content try article marketing, if you get a lot of likes on images you post/share on facebook try instagram,tumblr etc.
    You have to know the demographic you are more appealing to. Do you better get along with people under 20 years old, between 20 and 40 or people over 50, men or women ?
    Let's say you are good at making videos and you better get along with women over 50 and you understand how women think [​IMG].

    1. Go on clickbank's marketplace and search for a product that addresses to women over 50, make sure it has some gravity.

    2. Than look in the affiliates page for that product and from the tools section save some images/banners and some powerful phrases that you know are catchy for 50 y old women.

    3. Make a nice slideshow (1 - 1:30 max. 2 minutes long), put some background music that fits the product and at the end of it make a 10 seconds call to action ( a "call to action" is that "For more information click the link below this video NOW" and an arrow thing).

    4. Then manually make a new youtube account (if you're promoting some menopause symptoms product, try to include the word "menopause" in the first name, last name, username etc
    when you make the account, if the username "menopause" is already taken try menopause12 etc )

    5. Upload the video, when you upload it make sure the file name is the keyword you are targeting with that video.

    6. Briefly SEO it ,keyword at least once in the title, a few times in description and tags, don't forget to put your clickbank aff link on the first row in the description.

    6. Like your own video (yes you can like it once!) and pump some views with vagex or I don't know what other view services people use .

    7. Move to the next video and do the same but this time use another keyword related to that niche i.e. "menopause treatment" then "menopause cause" etc.
    - you dont' have to make a new video for every keyword, make 2-3 vids and just change the filename before you upload.

    Upload 7,8,9 videos with different keywords in that account.
    When you finished move to another product ....

    You'll not see immediate results but keep doing this and keep reading the forum and keep searching on how to improve this method and how to automate certain tasks that can be automated and you will start seeing some clicks then a few more clicks then a few more clicks and a sale etc.
    Treat IM as a real business and the reward will be the same.

    Good luck and have fun !
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