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Guide: What should you do when your offer starts to deplete?

Discussion in 'Membership Sites' started by Affmy, Jun 28, 2017.

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    What should you do when your offer starts to deplete?

    No matter how long you run the offer, there will be a moment when it’ll start to exhaust. So, what can you do with that if such a situation shows up?

    To tell the truth, the problem touched quite many areas of affiliate marketing. One of them is dating market in its mainstream sector. However, it’s not a surprise that affiliates have troubles in this area, when almost every offer here includes slags or other stuff like this.

    It’s interesting that the dating market has shown a gradual growth quite recently. But now it would be hard to find even a single good offer there. Moreover, the ones that used to make you great profits earlier are also under recession.

    Though, such a decline wasn’t unexpected. There were few problems which became the first signs of recession. First, it’s overfilled database without new traffic. Second, there is a lack of new angles. At last, there is a strong competition in the market, especially on platforms like Facebook. You probably won’t be able to overcome the offer depletion process, but you can significantly reduce this effect.

    A new look for your ad creatives

    The one thing that lowers your conversion, especially in a crowded area like the dating market, is so called banner blindness. A lot of similar ads and identical images are the reason of such user’s “disease”. They just ignore the ads, because don’t notice them. Sometimes the problem is even deeper. Users might have a bad impression about the brand you’re advertising. Actually, it’s a very common scenario. Definitely, you aren’t the first who is promoting the brand to the users.

    You can avoid such situation by targeting only new users, but that’s not the best decision. You’ll get strong competition, high bids and low profits instead. And even in this case there is a possibility that your landing page won’t be the source of first impression about the brand.

    There is a better way to overcome the problem. You should try to change the users’ opinion about the brand. There are plenty of tools to do that via modifying your ads. No matter how you’ll change them, your main message should be the following: the brand being advertised is something new and fresh and all the bad things about it are now in the past.

    Also, don’t forget about visual part. If someone has a bad impression about the certain brand, he will just leave your landing page as soon as he sees it's logo. A good way to avoid this type of situation is to change the brand's logo. Just use Photoshop to give it a new look.