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Guide To Tons of Referrals Per Day FREE TRAFFIC & LEADS

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by BiggyHF, Mar 25, 2017.

  1. BiggyHF

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    Mar 14, 2017
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    The premise of this guide is to show some of the noobies out there how to make a couple bucks a day with a small investment. I hope you enjoy.

    1. Go ahead and sign up on these two sites. http://bit.ly/2nQXy2K and http://bit.ly/2nnQYQn [password you'll need for link 2: BlackHatSeo] (Site one you can replace with the affiliate network of your choice, site 2 is unique and you will definitely need an account there.)
    2. On Site 1 one go ahead and find an offer you think is easy to complete, and complete the offer yourself under the "view offer" link, when you get to the end of the offer remember to copy something from one of the pages, such as a line of text, or what a button on the page looks like.
    3. On site 2, sign up as a requester and post a request for workers to complete. You can offer .01c to 5$ for someone to complete your request
    4. On site 2 in the request, use goo.gl to shorten your affiliate link and post that you're having people complete a survey, have them complete your affiliate link disguised as a survey.
    5. For every 10c you pay a worker, your making 1$ on the back end. Just make sure in the request settings that you set it to USA or the country you're targeting only.
    I hope you all enjoy the method I know I have been
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