Guide to Host a Godaddy Domain on Hostgator

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    Experienced webmasters and bloggers shop around for the best prices on domain names and web hosting. A great number of them host a Godaddy domain on a Hostgator hosting plan. For the inexperienced, this might sound daunting, but it's a very simple thing to do, and could end up saving you plenty of $$$ each year.

    1. Choose a domain name for your website. Take some time with this, and make sure that the domain name you choose is descriptive and spelled correctly.

    2. Go to Godaddy and register your domain name. (Resource link below will save you $2 per domain registration.)

    3. Go to Hostgator and register for a hosting plan for your website. Choose a plan that will suit your current and near future goals. If you think you'll eventually have more than one blog in the near future, it's a good financial decision to purchase a plan that will let you host more than one site for one low price, rather than paying $5 per site, each month.

    4. After you have completed your host plan purchase, hostgator will send you a confirmation email thanking you for your purchase. They'll also send you an email with the subject line, "Your Hostgator Account Information." Save this email (save a hard copy by using your computer printer, and save it in your email account).

    5. Go to Godaddy once again, and log in.

    6. From the top navigation bar, choose "Domains," and choose "My domains" from the drop-down menu.

    7. A new page or tab (depending on your browser) will open up, listing all of the domains you've purchased from Godaddy. Check the box next to the one you want to host on hostgator.

    8. When you check the box, a navigation bar will fill in above the domain name list. Click "Nameservers."

    9. This will open up a new section at the top of your screen. From the radio buttons, choose "Custom nameservers (I host my domains elsewhere)."

    10. Open up the saved email that hostgator sent to you, and find the section that says, "Your name servers:"

    11.n the godaddy nameservers control panel, replace the nameserver in the "nameserver 1" box with the first value that hostgator sent you. It should look like (with the Xs being your unique values that hostgator gave you).

    12. Next, replace the nameserver in the "nameserver 2" box with the second value that hostgator sent you. It should look like (with the Xs being your unique values that hostgator gave you).

    13. Click the orange "Okay" button to finish the process.

    14. Log into your hostgator account, and add your godaddy domain to your hosting plan and you're done.

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    I hope this post can help newbie to get started with a website, don't use free webhosting. Free Webhosting is a disaster. I said that, coz they can bring down your site anytime.

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    Nice copy and paste from ehow.

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    nice totally useless guide, i mean really? I just so happened to have just done this for the first time and hostgator sent me an email saying heres you nameservers go change them and took about 2 seconds to find where to change them on godaddy...

    so basically anyone could figure it out with these 2 companies it doesn't need a guide...