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    I can't exactly take credit for this I learned it from turnkeyvideocourse .com

    Go to HostGator and grab the cheapest hosting package without a domain, take off all the extras, and use promo code SNAPPY60.. should cost you about $15

    Login to your cPanel, under promotions you'll have an Adwords coupon for $100 and a Bing Ads coupon for $100

    Chiggity check here every now and then for new coupons. They update the page frequently tools.seobook xxxxx .com/ppc-tools/free-ppc-ad-coupons.html

    Go there and just keep using different email accounts to get different coupons.

    Here's $50 in free LinkIn Ads:

    https xxxxx ://business.linkedin xxxxx .com/marketing-solutions/native-advertising/sponsored-content-promo-2?src=go-pa&trk=sem_lms_gaw&veh=Google_US_Search_Nonbrand_Competitor_Beta_AllDevice_English_180036750604__%2Bfacebook%20%2Badvertising_b_c__mkwid_JF45mh4g_slid__&gclid=CPyK7N2BjNMCFYGEaQodbPgPyw