[Guide] Safeguard Yourself from legal action!

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    Every single time you turn around some company is being sued by the Silicon Valley mafia and it really changes
    your life forever. Personally I never understood why anyone does not prepare themselves properly for such
    legal action. Its not 2009 anymore and these companies are aiming for you!

    The more successful your business is the greater risk you are taking. This goes for anyone selling likes, manipulating
    pages, or infringing on copyrights. But hey there's some excellent news for you guys! You can sell anonymously or
    at least anonymous enough to shield yourself.

    Most of you will say "Offshore hosting" is the answer to your problems but its not! Do you really think some company
    is going to shield you from scrutiny for a measly $20 bucks or so a month? Of course not! Truth is your ass is only
    protected by not letting your host or registrar know shit about you.

    Couple of tips to keep in mind...

    1) Use fake information and if you cannot think of one then use the Fakenamegenerator.

    2) Forget Tor and all of that junk to stay anonymous since maxmind and 2checkout will see through that and deny your payment. Instead pay with crypto currency and choose an exchanger from a country far away from the legal grip of companies like Facebook!

    3) Remember that every time you order from a hosting company they log the IP Address so use a
    free VPN or trial with fake info to sign up. Wifi hotspots work alright since its not like your hiding
    from the Government. You can also use a VPS and keep all of that business on that.

    Now here comes the interesting part. You have to accept money right? I won't go into full details but
    use your brain and set up an anonymous payment method. Accepting Bitcoin etc is a nice way but it
    will cut into your customer conversions since not everyone has Crypto.

    You can set up stealth systems for payments with little to no issue since a lot of the payments
    are in small increments anyway. This system takes a little more time and cost a little more money, but when
    you lay a solid foundation you can keep your business running while others are being sued.

    Again offshore hosting is fine because at least you can run your site longer, but don't trust them to save your
    ass when the leg breakers come around!

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