[Guide] ★ Keyword Re$earch for BROKE People ★ FREE Tools + FREE $$$

Take this example -
Let's say you have a new website, and new websites are very weak in nature [less DR = Domain Rating]. And you posted around 20 articles and in a span of 2-3 months, it starts ranking for some keywords.

What does this show?

It shows that the keywords are easy enough to be ranked even with a new website. And that's why we are finding weak domains [new domains are weak as well], by doing this we don't have to go find 20 low competition keywords, instead, we just have to find 1 weak website and steal all their keywords :)
Yeah, I see, thank you
Which Paid Tools do you recommend to replace the suggested free tools?
I got some keywords in Ahrefs showing 1k 4k searches monthly us searches but when I checked them out in Semrush and Ubersuggest it's showing 0 monthly search results.
Whenever I find a way to do Keyword Research for FREE, I can feel the dance of that Broke RealDaddy within. I was a broke person when I started in IM.

One Thing - Keyword Research enabled me to take IM full-time.

Anyways, on the method.

Ahrefs recently launched there FREE tools suite, and they can do the work.

So, here are the tools required -
1. Ahrefs - https://ahrefs.com/keyword-generator
2. Bulk DA Checker - https://linkgraph.io/bulk-da-checker/
3. Ubersuggest - https://ubersuggest.com
4. Your mind - The most important one

Open, the ahrefs keyword generator, and put in your niche in the search box in this form -
best + product

For example - best shoes, best books, best pens - Let it be a broad search term

Now, we will go with "Best Shoes", and here is what we got -


Filter manually -

Keywords with long search term
Less competition [KD]
Volume - It's directly correlated to competition in most cases, so less volume = less competition

We have got 2 keywords that way [the arrowed ones]
We will go with "best shoes for walking on concrete"

Now the real work begins.

GOAL - We have to find Weak Websites ranking for good keywords.

Before starting our research process, these are the required setting -
Search settings -


Increase the value to 100 -


Click save by scrolling below -


Now, you will be redirected to a page with 100 results.
Click Ctrl + A on your keyboard.

Then I head over to this site - http://www.noteparse.com/
and paste the results acquired from Google and click parse.

Scroll down after a minute, and under the Links section, you will find all the domain names.
Copy the domain names from there, and open this site - https://linkgraph.io/bulk-da-checker/

NOTE - Thy only allow 10 URLs to be checked at once. I know it sucks! But it also works!

Paste all the domains and check there DA.

If you see this error -


Just remove all the numbers from the list - 2.0, 22.4.0
And you will be fine.

Keep in Mind - You will not find a decently weak website in your first try, you will need to do some copy-paste. But, it's worth the time & effort.

After seeing a weak website like these -


Head over to - ubersuggest.com, and see if they are actually generating any traffic.

Here is a site I found -


Disclaimer - There is a reason why people buy paid tools, and you should as well. But if you are broke as fuck then I can't complain. Said that it's not the most effective way. Invest in paid tools, when you have some money.

Till then,
Make $$$$


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Wowww thanks for this
It is a great idea to start your own keyword research service now. Great share OP.
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