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    Hi, Blackhatters.

    I have some spare time while my Scrapebox is doing stuff, want to share my little experience in composing comments for auto posting.

    Lotta times I've been seeing damn idiot spammers' comments :censored: like "Great blog, keep writing", "Awesome, thank you", "I like the post. Bookmarked it". This is total crap!

    Even not mentioning that most blog mods will reject such comment even not thinking a bit - moreover, probably modern SE algos can (or will be able) detect such shitty phrases and devalue/flag links in the vicinity of such text. Maybe they can, maybe not, I don't wanna test it. I like to be on more safe side.

    Ok, down to business.

    1. Go to article directory.

    2. Pick up some decent text you like - not spam viagra/penis enlargement article. If you wanna do a blast for weight loss niche blogs - pick up dieting/fitness/weight loss article.

    3. Divide it in 1-2 sentences, so that each part contains 200+ symbols.

    4. Make Spyntax out of all the parts - (for those who don't know, spyntax is {a|b|c} ) - lotta soft out there - search BHW for "spinner" or "synonymizer". I used jon leger's thebestspinner - good piece of soft.

    5. Compose a plain text file, each spyntaxed part in new row, blank row between them (scrapebox comment file format).

    6. That's it! PROFIT! If you make good spyntax of 20 parts of 200+ symbols, it can provide you with 10K+ unique comments that carry some sense.

    7. Note: Pretty often your comments will be kind of off-topic but I guess that's better than make stupid comments like "Thank you", web is over-stuffed with them. Try to pick up more common sentences, I'll provide an example:

    Initial text part:
    Losing weight isn't easy, but it's not as complicated as some diets make it seem. Weight loss comes down to following a few rules and breaking a few habits.

    Spyntax made:
    {Losing weight|Reducing your weight|Slimming down|Shedding pounds} {isn't|is not} {easy|straightforward|simple}, {but it|nonetheless it|however it}'s not as {complicated|hard|difficult|challenging|tough} as {some|several|certain} {diets|meal plans} {make|cause} it {seem|look|appear}. {Weight loss|Weight reduction|Fat loss|Weight-loss} {comes down to|depends upon|relies on|is dependant on} {following a|carrying out a|using a} {few|several} rules {and|in addition to} breaking {a few|some|several} {habits|inclinations|addictions}.

    THIS IS ONE ROW. Make 20 such rows - it will take you 20 minutes only and you can do a blast of 100K with it.

    YEA, forgot to mention. This works best when you comment on same niche blogs. Well, generally we are doing just that - %KW% in scrapebox, right?
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    Exactly how I do it.