[GUIDE] How to Make Money Online if you have $0 to start


Jul 4, 2020
Recently i see many members here in BlackHatWorld asking how I start earning money online if i have $0 or how can i start my Internet Marketing journey with $0.

This guide will help you to get a head start on how you can start on your IM journey while having no money to invest.

Firstly, you need to understand that nothing comes for FREE,
To make money online you either have to invest your MONEY or your TIME.

In this case we have $0 so we will have to invest our TIME and when i say you have to invest your TIME i mean you will have to commit to these projects and not think that you can make it by spending only 30 minutes or 1 hour of your time.

Now there are two ways you can start your IM journey; you can immediately jump to trying to make money or you can first spend time to learn a skill which later can make you money.

If you decide to first start learning a skill, i highly recommend you start learning how to CODE.
Web development and coding your own automation BOTS pays so much money and i see these two skills being highly in demand,
meaning you will never run out of work.
Of course, learning these skills will take much of your TIME but if you have no money to start your IM journey, you will have to commit your time to make it.

Coding is not the only skill you can learn online; you can learn many other things like COPYWRITING, GRAPHIC DESIGN or SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT which also you can offer as services later and make money. You can check out BHW Marketplace to see how many members are selling their copywriting services and offering their article writing services to get an idea.

It doesn't matter which one you choose to start with, if you master any of these you will be able to make money online even if you have $0 to start.

Now the reason why you started reading this thread was to learn how to make money online while starting with $0 so learning a new skill is probably not what you were interested in. So, let's jump on money making methods that require you no money to start.


I will divide this in two parts - First will be only about different social medias and how you can get the traffic - Second part will be on different ways you can monetize that traffic.

1.1 How to get traffic from SOCIAL MEDIA

There are different social media from where you can generate traffic, but I will share only the ones I used myself and the methods I used and had success with.
Now you know that in recent times the most successful social media platforms are TikTok, Instagram and YouTube and that's because of the new format of short videos that don't last more than 60 seconds so that will be the focus of this thread.


TikTok is the most famous social media platform to get traffic from and you can see this in BHW. Most of the threads are made for TikTok and how we can get traffic from there.

There is a problem with this because TikTok shows content based on your GEO so if you are from a 3rd world country, the traffic you will get to your videos will be low-quality and probably won't earn you any money. Now there are countless methods already shared in BHW on how you can get traffic from USA in TikTok that you can read.
The second problem is that most of us are not interested to make our own videos to publish them on TikTok so we will have to take the videos from somewhere and then share them on TikTok.

Here are some threads that can help you understand how you can target USA or any other country you want on TikTok.

There are also other threads about this here in BHW that you can find doing a simple search.

Now i will tell you how i did this and it worked for me but can't guarantee if it will work for you:

I used an old Samsung S6 Edge, first i did a full factory reset on it,
Removed the sim card i had inside of the phone,
Changed the time zone to the country i wanted to target,
Didn't use any Google account and downloaded the TikTok app from internet instead of the play store,
Opened HMA vpn on my laptop, connected to the country i wanted to target and shared the Wi-Fi and connected to the Wi-Fi using my phone.

This way i was able to target a specific country and had 90% of my traffic from there with no problems and my videos were going VIRAL.
You can try this out and check for yourself if it works or not, or you can try the other methods shared above.

Now the second problem, if you are not making your own videos you will have to take them from somewhere.

Now here you can try different methods, you can download videos from YouTube shorts and upload them on TikTok, you can download Instagram reels and upload them on TikTok, or you can also download TikTok videos and reupload them, but first you have to repurpose them or TikTok won't boost your videos and shadowban your account because they will know you copied the videos.

Now you are asking how we can repurpose TikTok videos, there are methods already shared here in BHW that you can check.
use search to find more threads related to this, me myself am using this script shared by @Nevep and it's been working fine for me until now.
You can play with the settings until you are satisfied with the results.

Downloading YouTube shorts and Instagram reels and reuploading them on TikTok worked fine for me, just make sure you are not taking videos from popular channels because there is a great chance that they also have a TikTok account and probably share all the same videos there too. Try to find new channels or channels that have very few videos and download from there.

Getting traffic and going VIRAL on TikTok is not hard as long as the videos you upload are engaging and fun to watch.
Also make sure you are using TRENDING music from TikTok.

#2 YouTube Shorts

I also had success with YouTube shorts, my biggest channel was the channel i uploaded shorts from my own country which i was downloading from TikTok.
Now i am from a third world country and you may think that i didn't earn anything but i will talk about how you can monetize these channels in the second part.

With YouTube shorts the process is also simple - You download TikTok videos and reupload them on YouTube
Never had any problem with videos not getting views since i was uploading 10 shorts per day and needed only 1-2 of them to go VIRAL.

Recently, YouTube made an update and is not pushing YouTube shorts as much as they did in the beginning and I have noticed that if you just create an account and start spamming Shorts, you channel will get shadowbanned.

So, to make YouTube shorts work now you will have to first start slow publishing no more than 2-5 shorts daily and wait at least 2-3 weeks for your Channel to take off because you won't get pushed in the start.

After getting to 1k subscribers your community tab will open so make sure to use that as many times as possible because community posts are shown not only to your subscribers but also to the viewers of your videos. This way there is a chance for your channel to grow even faster.
I had the most success posting POLLS instead of normal text posts.

#3 Instagram Reels

I have to tell you i had the least success with Instagram Reels out of these three. But i still see many BHW members talking about reels and the great success they had with them so you should also try it out.

Same as with TikTok and YouTube shorts, go to any of those two and download videos and reupload them on your Instagram account as reels.

What i found out using Instagram is that it's better to first have some followers for your reels to go VIRAL.
So firstly, try to follow 5-10 accounts daily until you get at least 100 followers back and after that you can start publishing reels.

Check out this journey, he got to 10k followers only posting reels.
# Pinterest

I had great success with Pinterest and out of all social media i would recommend you start with Pinterest.
Pinterest is great and actually the traffic you will get from there converts pretty well too.

Growing your Pinterest accounts was never easier after Idea Pins were introduced.
The sweet spot for me was uploading 10 Idea Pins per day and after 1-2 months my accounts started to get massive traffic.
Please don't SPAM...
10 uploads per day is more than enough and remember that it will take time for your page to start growing fast.

To grow my Pinterest accounts i was just downloading TikTok videos and reuploading them on Pinterest.
People don't even bother to remove the TikTok watermark from these videos, i have seen videos with TikTok watermark all over my home feed.
So, it's safe to assume that Pinterest doesn't care about that.

Remember that Pinterest traffic is mostly women, so you have to choose a niche that targets women.
I had the most success with these niches:


1 account for 1 niche and you will be good. Pinterest now also allows you to use LINKS in Idea Pins so monetizing Pinterest won't be a problem.

# Reddit

Reddit is one of the most popular social media to get traffic from that's why is also very popular in BHW as well.
There are many threads on Reddit so just use the search button and find out everything you want to know.
You need to spend some time on Reddit to see how Subreddits and cross-posting work and how you can put your links safely.

Reddit is most popular in the adult niche and that's the niche i tried myself and had most success with.
Basically, you choose a niche within adult niche and create a subreddit.
You will post adult videos from that niche in your subreddit and cross-post that post in different other related subreddits.
That's basically how you get traffic and members in your subreddit.
Remember to use Redgifs to create short gifs from long videos and upload those in your subreddit.

Here is a great thread that will explain to you how you can grow very fast with cross-posting in Reddit.
Check out these threads to learn how to make money from Reddit.

Also remember that to survive longer in Reddit you will need accounts with Karma, check out this thread to learn how to get Karma quickly.
# X (formerly Twitter)

I don't have much to explain about Twitter because i didn't really have success using it. However, twitter is still a great source to get traffic especially if you are in the adult niche or manage OnlyFans models.

Check out this thread by @imoneyboy1 to learn more about how to get free traffic from Twitter (now X)
use the search button to find more about twitter and how you can use it to get traffic.
I didn't want to stop much for this social media platform because now to have success on Twitter 90% of the time you will need to be subscribed to Twitter Premium and this guide is basically a guide on how to start with $0.


You can use any other social media platform you think you can get traffic from; these are not the only ones you can use. There are many other platforms out there that you can find with an easy google search.
But these are the most popular ones that can generate high amount of traffic if you manage to go VIRAL.

1.2 How to monetize this traffic.

Okay now we got the traffic but how will we be able to make money from it,
Here are some monetizing methods that i had success with and you can too.

#1 Adult CPA (Dating Smartlinks)

I made the most money online from adult cpa.
It all depends on the traffic you are getting. If you created TikTok pages, Instagram reels or YouTube shorts in the adult niche, dating smartlinks can be a great way to monetize your traffic.

There are different networks you can use for dating smartlinks. I was using Crakrevenue's dating smartlink and since it was converting pretty good for me, I didn't have the need to check for other networks but there are other networks like Lospollos that work well too. There are many discussions about this here in BHW so just use the search button to find out more.

To monetize your TikTok and Instagram traffic with a dating smartlink, you will have to use Linktree for your links because there is a great chance you will get your account banned if you link directly to a CPA offer. Open a free account on Linktree and put your link there and then share you Linktree URL in your TikTok bio or Instagram bio. Remember that you need at least 1k followers on TikTok to be able to put your links in bio.

One way to increase the number of clicks on your bio link i find to be successful is to create a 2-3 second AD in the end of all my videos telling my viewers to go and check my bio. You can also try that out.
You can do both the video ad and the text-to-speech from a free online tool called Clipchamp. That was the one i was using myself.

#2 Affiliate Marketing

Another way to monetize your social media traffic is Affiliate marketing.
You will share your affiliate link and for every sale made through your link you will get a commission.
There are tens or hundreds of BHW threads on how affiliate marketing works so i don't think i have to explain you this one.

Some good affiliate networks you can use are: ClickBank, CJ, ShareASale, MaxBounty, etc.
You can also use Amazon.

You will have to do the same thing as with adult cpa, you need to put your affiliate link inside your Linktree page or otherwise you will get banned on TikTok.
I had a cyber security TikTok page and had some success with affiliate marketing.
I was promoting a free cyber security course but to get the certificate you would have to subscribe and for every subscription i was getting $22.

To learn more about affiliate marketing with TikTok or other social media, check out this thread by @Sol
Affiliate marketing is also the best option if you decided to go for Pinterest. I had great success with affiliate marketing using Pinterest accounts.
The best niches to convert for me were Cooking and Beauty because there are many products in these niches you can promote.
Pinterest now gives you the option to insert a link in your Idea Pins, just remember to again use a Linktree link and not link directly to your aff link.

# Selling the accounts

This is another way you can monetize your social media accounts. In the YouTube shorts section, I told you i had the most success with my channel with videos from my own country. Even though i am from a third world country, i was able to sell my YouTube channel for $xxx. Maybe that is not great but that's still money i made with no effort at all. I was just getting videos from TikTok and reuploading them on YouTube.
I grew my channel to more than 17k subscribers and there was big news platform that were interested on buying this channel because all the traffic was from my country.

Always leave a contact email in your bios of your YouTube channel, TikTok Page and Instagram account because you will never know when people are interested and will contact you to buy your account.

#2 MicroWorkers

This is another way you can start earning money online if you have $0

There are different websites that you can use to finish simple tasks and earn money.
Usually, these tasks are easy to do but don't pay you much money.
However, i think this is a great place to start earning some money and then later you can invest this money into other projects.

The tasks you will have to do on these websites are usually simple like upvoting a Reddit post, liking an Instagram post, commenting on a TikTok video and things like that which are pretty simple to do.
If i was you I would start with this and earn enough money for me to purchase a domain and webhosting for at least 1 year so i can jump to the other project.

Some microworkers websites i found to be good are microworkers.com and picoworkers.net but there are many more that you can find with a simple search on Google.

#3 CPA
I know I talked about Adult CPA on the monetizing section of social media, but CPA is a much larger topic.
Yes, again you will have to get that free traffic from social media that we discussed in the first section but now you will use content-lockers to lock the content and make your viewers to finish a task that will earn you money.
The most popular way to earn money with CPA i have seen here in BHW and other places is using YouTube.
But in this case, we will be using YouTube long videos and not shorts.

The most popular niche is Game-Hacks.
You create game hack videos and direct your viewers to your CPA link; they use their email to unlock the content and you get paid.

For this to work you will need to learn how to create these videos where you show fake statistics for the games and tell your viewers they have to go to this website to get FREE Gems or other things related to that specific game.
For example: You create a video on Clash of Clans and show infinite number of Coins and you have a link in your description where to you tell viewers they can get FREE Coins for clash of clans from. They go to your landing page to get the free coins but before that they will have to input their email, when they do that, you get paid.
I am not an expert on this but there are many threads explaining all this here in BlackHatWorld.

Remember that you can use CPA content lockers for many other things apart from game hacks.

Apart from YouTube, Quora is one of the best forums where you can earn money using CPA content lockers.

Quora is a Q/A forum where people ask questions about their problems, and you can give them a solution with your answer.
That's why Quora is a great place for CPA because in your answer you can give a solution but first the person will have to leave their email or install an app to get to it.

There were many methods for doing CPA with Quora here in BHW that you can start doing right now absolutely for FREE.

Here is one of the most popular threads showing how you can make money with QUORA + CPA by @stevenman555
Here you can find some landing pages you can use for this.
Check out this thread also to learn how to make passive income with Quora.
Check out this thread to learn more about how to find high traffic, low competition niche questions on QUORA by @seocrab
Here you can learn how you can post your cpa or affiliate links without getting your post's removed, shared by @Cashcode83
Quora is a gold mine for cpa and affiliate marketing, try to first learn how Quora works and how you can safely post your links in the answers without getting your answers deleted or collapsed.

#4 Porn Re-Upload
Porn reupload is another method you can start with $0.
The only thing you will need is having a Domain, but you don't need to spend money for that since there are already shared methods here in BHW on how you can get different domains for free.

Check some of these threads out.

How does this method work?
You buy a domain (get one for free from the threads above) -> Register on an Adult CPA Network (Like Crakrevenue) -> Redirect your domain to the dating smartlink -> download porn videos from a porn website -> watermark all those videos with your domain name -> reupload those videos on other porn websites -> viewers watch your videos -> viewers go to your domain and land on your adult cpa link -> they register -> you get paid

To learn more about how this method works, check out this thread by @Adrian112
Also, this thread made by me which is a more recent one.
Apart from using Adult cpa networks, you can also use Adult revshare programs like Chaturbate or Stripchat. Actually, with porn re-upload Chaturbate was converting better than cpa links for me. So, i would recommend you try first with Chaturbate because it's also easier to get accepted into the program.

#5 Freelancing

Freelancing is also something you can start doing without investing any money.
If you don't know what freelancing is, a quick google search will give you the answer.
Here is what i found. "A freelancer is an individual who earns money on a per-job basis, usually for short-term work."
That means you will register on some Freelancing platforms, find people who are looking for freelancers to finish a job, take the job, finish it and get paid.

Most popular platforms you can use are: Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer and others. There are many platforms you can register and find freelance jobs.
You can find many threads about this here on BHW.

In the beginning i was using Upwork more, there are many people who want a task or a job to be finished and post it on Upwork. You can find endless freelancing jobs there based on your profession or skills.

Use Fiverr if you want to offer your skills on a specific niche that you are good in. There are many skills you can learn for free and offer there.

What i was doing on Fiverr was offering Keyword Research for blogs and had some success with it. Keyword Research is not a hard skill to learn or master and you can do it for FREE.

Check out my thread to learn how i was doing Keyword Research for FREE, which you can learn and offer as a service on Fiverr or other platforms.
There are endless guides on BHW on how to do keyword research from where you can learn from.

#6 Surveys

Completing online surveys is another way you can earn online if you have no money to start.
Now to be completely honest, doing this will pay you peanuts.
I would recommend you do this only and only if you are not able to do any of the other methods shared here.

How this works is there are websites online who have online surveys to fill out, you fill these forms, and you get paid by them when completed.
I tried to do this in the past and i can tell you that the money you will make from this is not worth your time.
However, like I already said you can start with these until you make enough money to invest on something else like a domain and web hosting to create your own blog.

There are different survey websites that pay you to fill out these surveys like Swagbucks, Survey junkie and others that you can find with a simple search on Google.
Search for "paid survey websites" and try them out.

#7 VA (Virtual Assistant)

This is like getting a 9-5 job, but you are doing it remote.
There are many people who are looking to hire virtual assistants including BHW members. If you check out the "Hire a Freelancer" section of the forum you can see there are members looking to hire VAs to do their job for them.

You can start working as a virtual assistant for free, you just need to learn how to do your job and you are good to go.
In Upwork which we mentioned in the Freelancing section, you can also find many VA jobs you can take. So, make sure to check that one out as well.

The End

Lastly, I would recommend you spend a lot of time searching on "Making Money" and "My Journey Discussions" forums here in BlackHatWorld.
You will find many methods that you can try out to make money online. BHW is filled with gold mines, you just have to take the time and search for them.

Also check out this thread to find the most popular BHW making money threads in one place, the thread was created in 2019 so not all the new methods are included.
Starting with $0 can be very difficult but if you are committed and disciplined i am 100% sure that you will make it.
Also don't be scared to start a 9-5 job while you are also trying to make it in Internet Marketing. You can always get some of the salary and invest it in your online projects. This way you can speed up the process of making money online and save your time.
This is a perfect starter guide!

Thanks for sharing this. It is always hard to earn money online without any investment
Deffinetelly will use it as reference for newbies, you've put lots of work into it, thanks for sharing.
To monetize your TikTok and Instagram traffic with a dating smartlink, you will have to use Linktree for your links because there is a great chance you will get your account banned if you link directly to a CPA offer. Open a free account on Linktree and put your link there and then share you Linktree URL in your TikTok bio or Instagram bio. Remember that you need at least 1k followers on TikTok to be able to put your links in bio.
Linktree in Ig with CPA offer will lead to ban, especially if it's adult
One way to increase the number of clicks on your bio link i find to be successful is to create a 2-3 second AD in the end of all my videos telling my viewers to go and check my bio. You can also try that out.
You can do both the video ad and the text-to-speech from a free online tool called Clipchamp. That was the one i was using myself.
Awesome love this one, will be using it!
Another method is reselling smm panel service locally. You can get client on Facebook, twitter, reddit, YouTube....
This thread is gem, this should be pin on should make money section.

Every newbie ask the same question "how to make money without investment"

This thread is answer to newbies and people who's really interested and have basic knowledge.

Also don't try multiple methods, focus on one. Don't get mislead by "make 100$/day" threads.
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