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[Guide] How to get your first traffic to any niche you want

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by csebastian, Oct 15, 2016.

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    Oct 9, 2008
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    Hi to all

    Today I feel like sharing some of my experience because my back pain is almost gone ( sitting in bed for 2 weeks now , oh well this is another story)
    I see a lot of threads with people that ask "How to get Traffic for ...xxx things online"

    IMPORTANT ! This guide is for newbies who struggle.

    Things you need :
    - Most important here is PATIENCE ( if you don't have this than do yourself a favor and close this thread)
    - Youtube account ( fresh or old doesnt matter , but old is better )
    - Think of a niche on youtube that has a lot of traffic ( forget music and trailers )

    I`m talking about TV shows from your country , each country has local or national tv shows ( thats all I will tell about finding your niche but this should get you started.

    Now start making compilations, what I mean by this ?

    Ex : UNSEEN video of ( put here contestant or character from show ) from backstage that you will be SHOCKED after you see it.

    Get my point ? Idea is to make people want to see it even if its allready on the internet.
    At this stage don`t think about copyright because you won`t be able to monetize with adsense.
    The idea is to make 1 video per day with good tags around your show to get traffic on your channel

    Traffic = views to video = likes , comm shares = subs
    Subs = more of the above = Growth

    TIPS : Put annotations on your videos to lure people to watch more of your vids and subscribe
    Make your channel look like you are the biggest fan of that show.

    After about 2 weeks you will start getting traffic to your channel.
    Now you probably thinking what to do with a bunch of traffic that I can`t monetize?
    Here you are WRONG ! After you get subs , around 10k ,every video you post will get high traffic because youtube will recommand it to others also ( now you have your boost traffic)

    What to do now ?

    Make a second channel with your own content videos for example: Tutorials , get a high traffic site go to their FAQ and read the questions there - KABOOM now you have ideas for your content

    Now what ?

    Get a free screen recorder, I`m sure you know how to google but if you don`t , search for BANDICAM , its the best recording screen recording in my opinion.

    But I Don`t know how to speak english or I`m afraid of my accent.
    No problem ! Make them to the point but slow no need to speak just get the info they are looking for , let people see where you click and move your mouse slowly , after all is a tutorial. Don`t shake your mouse all over the video its annoying. ( FAQ is there for a reason , people ask themselves these questions every day. You simply make video tutorials of those because people are LAZY !

    Make 1 video / day with tutorials

    OK ! I can DO THIS !

    Now you have 2 channels :
    - First is your traffic channel
    - Second is your monetizable channel with adsense or whatever network you want

    When your first channel grows, put links in description and annotations to your videos AND most importantly play with the FEATURED VIDEO inside your youtube channel settings ( you can put videos from your second channel as featured )

    ALL of this will get traffic to start and then will be a snowball effect because your second channel will also grow and you won`t need the boost from your 1st channel.
    I should stop here for now but if you have any questions post them below.

    Good , if you have got this far it means you are willing to put some work into it. Congrats !

    PS: Not my best tutorial but I won`t spoon feed anyone. Everybody has a brain to think about some tv niches and some popular FAQ pages.

    I`ll be around !
    Your one of the most lurking person since 2008

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