[GUIDE] How to Get a Career Using IM, NOT College! Part 2: Nailing the CV

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    [GUIDE] Get An Offline Job/Career with IM! Part 2: Nailing the CV

    Part 2: Nailing the CV

    This is part 2 in my guide on how to get a job with your IM experience. In part 1, I outlined how to find a job. This gives you advice on how to know what jobs to look for, how to find them and factors to consider when picking jobs to apply for. Part 2 is about how to make an amazing CV (and cover letter) that will GET you the interview! This will be broken into the following steps:

    • Step 1: Format an Amazing CV
    • Step 2: Format a Dazzling Cover Letter
    • Step 3: Optimize your CV Content
    Step 1: Format an Amazing CV

    Your CV is very important, because it is your opportunity to sell yourself to your potential employer, and it is one of your only opportunities. You need to OPTIMIZE it! Here is an example of a CV that is formatted really nicely. I have added in lots of information on CV's that you should READ. Copy this format and it will look better than 99% of the other CV's. It's a professional, good-looking design that is eye-catchy:


    Step 2: Format a Dazzling Cover Letter

    There isn't room to be creative here. There is an expected design. My recommendation? Stick to it, but optimize the content! Here is an example of a well formatted Cover Letter, with pro-tips thrown in for free:


    Step 3: Optimize your CV Content

    You have very little space, and only so much time. Just to give you an idea of what I might put in, I am going to post a snippet of a potential job ad, and then I am going to post an example of what you could write for your first (and most important) piece of job experience. Here is the ad snippet:



    Over the past three years, I have acted as an Online Marketing Consultant. I have worked with a number of clients and businesses to increase their online presence through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These positions required me to not only create results, but I was required to track my results and report the information back to the client. I have had experience with working with a number of analytic programs, including Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and with Nielsen and Hitwise Analytics Systems. Some of the websites I have worked on include:

    • WEBSITE 1
    • WEBSITE 2
    • WEBSITE 3
    • WEBSITE 4
    • WEBSITE 5
    This role has required a number of different skills and abilities that are highly relevant to this job position, including:

    • Keyword Research; looking at how internet users search for products, services and information and being able to select the keywords most valuable to a business to target.
    • Link Marketing; the ability to create links from high-PR sources that are in-context and seamlessly integrated into a website.
    • Onsite Optimization; I understand the techniques of onsite optimization, including being able to update the meta data either through content management systems or by updating the website code, and creating good keyword distribution on the site.
    • Copywriting; I am able to create content that is optimized for SEO for the website.
    • Research; I understand that Online Marketing is an evolving field that changes every day. I keep up to date with the latest trends and techniques to stay on top.
    • (I would post more but I am lazy. You can create more bullet points).
    I have had excellent results for my clients, and through my work I have driven profitable traffic to their site by increasing their online profile with search engines.


    I hope this helped! Part 1 can be found here. Part 3: The Interview is coming soon!
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