Guide for xrumer on vps server

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    Can anyone please guide me how to host the xrumer on vps? I am newbie here and have no idea how to do it. :confused: I also have no budget on dedicated server for now. Currently i can only pay around $20-30 monthly and VPS server is what i looking for.

    I doing this all because my country internet speed is very slow and i hope someone that know how to do it can guide me step by step. Thanks
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    You need dedicated resources in order to run an app like xrumer, it will use up all your cpu power unless you open just a small amount of threads which is almost pointless. A vps uses partitioned memory and processing power, which will make windows and the apps on it run pretty slow. The cheapest way to do this setup is to install vmware(free) on a linux based dedicated server then install a windows xp iso to the vm machine then install xrumer.

    There are a few dedicated linux boxes for around $60/month with decent setups, but I can't see a vps working to effectively with this. I'm sure this isn't the answer you were looking for but that's the reality of the situation, I can tax out a vm machine on my dedicated box that has 2 cores and 1 gig and it's still crashes and hangs on certain apps. Pm me if you need some suggestions for hosting.