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Discussion in 'YouTube' started by stupiddumbass, Jan 27, 2009.

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    Well first don't post duplicate content! DUH

    Just kidding well you can use Camtasia6 which you can get to do all this!

    Then you need a video converter to change it to WMV format. Camtasia 6 can edit WMV format. Now all you do is drag and drop images in the timeline or some type of audio change or maybe record over the audio with the camtasia audio overwrite and drag and drop a new song into it. It literally takes 5 minutes to do. Its pretty simple.

    So here the format:

    1. change video to WMV format
    2. Get Camtasia 6
    3. Put video on Cam 6 timeline
    4. Drag and drop new images at beginning or end or video or both
    5. Drag and drop audio to over write current audio

    Alternatively you can just play music with audio over write or voice narriation and play a song for camtasia to record on your timeline.

    hmhmm >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> you welcome:)
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    Thanks for the tips. You can also use any video editor to alter brightness, contrast, saturation, volume, size etc etc etc ;)

    Just a little bit so that it doesn't screw the video, but looks different to YT.
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    Just keep in mind, copyright music can be picked up and get your video deleted (want proof? Start promoting ringtones). But yeah, you can also use Windows Movie Maker to insert a slide before/after the video. Or in the middle or something. Mix it up, you can take 1 video and make it 20 different ways easily. I use 1 video about 4-6 times. Then make a new one. Great tip ;) Just don't give out your keyword man! And don't post vids here for people to flag, not a great idea. Keep in mind the info you give out and don't screw yourself on your profiting niche. Also since im in it :p