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Oct 24, 2009
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How to get up with original titles for introducing yourself?:rolleyes:

Anyways, let's get started.

Im 26 and i'm from the Netherlands, guess that's all you need to know as for personal details.
As for the rest;
I have been lurking on the internet in very interresting area's for quit a while now...

i have a little background with networking/admin and some small time scanning/hacking of pubs (old ftp/fxp days) but as for as internet affliate marketing and everything else i have been reading about on this forum are relatively new for me.
None the less i'm a quick learner, and once i got my mind set on anything i don't let go easily, and i must say that i have been trying to "get into it" a few times but i found it hard to get started.
That was until i found this forum by accident a few weeks ago and the whole thing came back to me and it had my attention again.

So i would i like to give my first thanks to the whole community for inspiring me to do this, and for giving me a whole lot of good ideas to start out with.

Also, i'm not alone. there are 2 friends of mine also (recently;)) interested in this area and i hope this will create something nice.

Anyway i'll obviously keep you all updated on how we are progressing, but of course i'll try to contribute in the meanwhile as well:).

Thanks and have a nice day.
I'm glad to share that we made our first 10 converts in the 1st day with AFF signup links.

1 has bought a paid membership so far (first 55$ bucks earned online:D)
AFF has a (new?) program that pays 55$ upto 130$ for any form of membership you can lure your victim into.

one of my m8's made a few (local dutch) chat profiles on 1 of the active dutch chat rooms, whipped up a nice girly acount and minutes later was talking to the first handfull horny sucka's.

in the meanwhile i was taking care of regging a few domains and host for future plans and forwarding needs, and i created a few tinyurl links that my friend could use give out on msn.

After about 1 hour the profile was already viewed dozens of times and there where now about 12 people in the msn list that saw the msn adres on the profile of the chatsite.

He makes up a story about a 23 yr old student girl who is very busy with school and taking care of her horses etc, and she is really enthousiastic about adultfriendfinder.
she's very elegant about and comfortable the whole thing and she thinks spending 7.95 euro's is a cheap fee to be able to enjoy all the fun "no strings attached easy maintainable" sexdates she has with dutch fella's all over.

She enjoys her privacy though and only makes a date trough AFF, she thinks that a guy shouln't whine to pay a few bucks to be able to send a message.
She really wants to meet up with you and have a wild date but requires you to just make an acount at AFF so she knows the guy is serious about this.

if you don't like this whole idea and dont want to pay to be able to view my picture and miss out on this.... then don't be a pussy and deposit a few bucks... i get mine anyways, for you 10 others;)

this cocky approach works pretty well far, the guys know that a girl will get what she wants anyways because he figures lots of other people are also paying, and are willing to pay a few bucks to be able to find hot chicks for sexdates.

right now not even 24 ours later we are over 10 converts already, and my friend is starting to enjoy the E-whoring bussiness.
1 dude actually made a payment, and the others are most likely going too...
and so far my buddy is working his list of 45 -non regged members- in his msn group to place them under the -regged- group, and finnally -paid- group;)

Thx for all the inspiration.
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