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Guanteed easy money through GSN.

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by dublecee, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. dublecee

    dublecee Newbie

    Apr 12, 2009
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    Yes right now there is a television channel (Game show network) which is to be trusted and they have a promotion called GSN OODLES, sounds gay but hold on and follow me for a bit. I have not made the bot and do not claim to, all i hold to record is that i am introducing this to you. Here is some faqs about OOdles as they are called from the website where the bot creator belongs.


    Game Show Network has a new promotion called Oodles. You basically answer trivia questions to get the excellent prizes shown here: http://www.gsn.com/oodles/prizes.html You can easily get a $10 Amazon Gift Card in around 4 or 5 days. Note that you can only redeem one prize per week.

    Every day a new Question of the Day is added. Just click the banner at the right side of any page to get to it. They give you a varying amount of Oodles, anywhere from around 20 to around 60.

    Also, there's one question a day for each free game on GSN.com. You just go to a game's page and click the banner at the top to pop up the question. You can do this for every game on the site. These are worth 10 Oodles each. A list of these games can be found here: http://www.gsn.com/cgi/free/list_all.pl

    Finally, on weekdays you can go to the GSN Live page and get trivia questions about the game shows that day worth anywhere from around 20 to a whopping 100 Oodles. On Saturdays, it is very similar but on the Big Saturday Night page.

    There is a answer database. The database can be found at http://nick761.mango12.com/oodle/ Please read the Terms of Use before using the database.

    Basically, the database is a quick way to search and find answers for the GSN Oodles promotion. A helper already exists for the promotion that uses this very database.

    The database was recently updated on June 25, 2009 to deal with unauthorized access. You must contact me if you would like to use the database in your program.

    As of right now, the only way to access the database is through a helper program that grabs the answers for you. I have made a basic helper program so you can get answers right away.To use it, start it and copy the clue from the GSN page. The answer will come up shortly.

    Latest helper version: 1.2 Download
    Changes: Automatically checks if cURL was installed correctly, click anywhere on the answer window to make it disappear, speed enhancements


    How do you earn Oodles?
    You can do the question of the day, GSN Live questions, Big Saturday Night questions, or a question on every game.

    What do you mean, a question on every game?
    If you go to GSN's Free Games page, located here http://www.gsn.com/cgi/free/list_all.pl, you can click on each game and do a question on it for 10 Oodles.

    What are the prizes? How long's it take to get good prizes?
    A $10 Amazon.com gift certificate can be obtained in about two or three days with 1700 Oodles. The prizes page is located here: http://www.gsn.com/oodles/prizes.html

    When do new questions appear?
    The question of the day and the game questions update every day at midnight EST. The GSN Live questions typically update every 30 minutes from noon to 6PM EST, and the Big Saturday Night questions usually update every 30 minutes from 8PM to 11PM EST.

    It seems like it would take forever to answer these questions.
    I have created an answer database, which can be accessed at http://nick761.mango12.com/oodle/

    How does your answer database work? How often is it updated?
    The answer database uses answers contributed by anonymous members. It is often updated a few minutes after midnight and usually right after Live questions appear.

    An answer isn't in your database!
    Post it in the answer database topic and a contributor will probably add it as soon as possible.

    What?!? The prizes are all out of stock!
    The gift cards seem to go really fast, so once you see them in stock you should order immediately. We do not know when they are restocked.

    Is this site legit?
    Yes, it appears to be, as it's operated by a big TV network, GSN.

    How long does it take to get prizes?
    The GSN website says that it will take 4-6 weeks to get a prize. But the Amazon.com gift certificates are emailed in about one or two weeks, and other prizes are shipped much faster than 4-6 weeks.

    Wait, do I have to watch GSN to do this?
    Nope. The answer database contains all questions, even the ones that are from gameshows that aired that day on GSN Live.

    Is there a limit to the number of accounts I can have?
    Yes. The website says one account per person and two accounts per household.

    Is there a limit to the number of prizes I can order?
    A post by one of the admins of GSN says that you can only order one prize per week.

    The website where the bot is is Mango12.com you will have to register in order to see stuff for obvious reasons.

    Now the bot. there are 2 different types, the manual, which takes a little bit to get used to and the automatic, which i have tried and seems to work pretty well.

    The manual can be downloaded on mango 12, here http://nick761.mango12.com/oodle/helper.exe you have to be a member there i believe to download and view, and i do not know if there is a post requirement. To use it all you have to do is download, run it, you wont see it running or any indication of it running, then when you cycle through all the games, you can go to http://www.gsn.com/cgi/free/list_all.pl to see all the games, when logged in you will click each game, and for instance the game the newlywed game, which is located here


    Will have a thing that looks like an add right above the label FREE GAMES that says OODLES CHALLENGE CLICK TO PLAY

    click that, not the game itself, and copy the question, question only, as in highlight it, control+c and then an answer should pop up by the mouse in a yellow box with writing. I suggest getting used to the site like this maybe for one day, and then use the automatic bot if you want.

    The automatic which is found here http://www.mango12.com/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=11585&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&sid=46f9a4c6e3898538e3461c55c995fc36

    You can use this bot to enter your password, and username and it will get the correct points and i think you can run it with wow playing without to many problems except maybe a little lag.

    This website is confirmed on mango12 and some other websites as they ship prizes, but if you are using more than 2 accounts you will get banned apparently.

    So you can run the bot while playing wow, get used to it and then buy amazon gift cards to get stuff on amazon or to buy WoW time cards.

    You NEED to register on mango12 to use the bot and you can post any help you need in here or there depending on where your browsers at and if your lazy.

    Have fun, try to get used to the website before running the bot, it will help a lot.
    credits to my bro.
  2. shadowpwner

    shadowpwner Regular Member

    Apr 19, 2009
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    No, at BHW we do not play games to earn prizes, when our time is 100x more valuable.