GSA Search Engine Ranker With Additional Tools

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by gourishmahale, May 25, 2015.

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    Dear BHW Members,

    Can anyone suggest me which are the additional tools required with GSA SER for quality link building in order to rank website on top in google.

    Additional Questions :

    1. Why do we use verified list?
    2. What is the need of using proxies?
    3. Is it possible to rank for high competition keyword using GSA SER?

    Thank in advance!

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    Apr 2, 2014
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    I'll bite.

    First off, from your questions, it seems like you do not know much about the tool. I will try to answer your questions but you need to learn more form the pros at the GSA forum:

    1. You use verified lists to build links to your website/properties. These are useful because they are verified, meaning that GSA has successfully posted to these sites before. This means you will have a fresh list of sites you are almost guaranteed of placing your link. While if were to find targets yourself using scraping, the success rate will be lower as you will have to filter out these websites yourself.

    2. Proxies are needed because you are going to use GSA to try to post as much links as possible on many sites. If you do not use proxies, your ip address might get banned for spamming. Besides, it increases your links/minute if you use proxies. Always use dedicated of semi dedicated proxies for posting.

    3. I think GSA is great along for building links to Web 2.0s. It buffers the amount of links going to your site. It's not advisable to spam hundreds of thousands of links directly to your money site. It's really unnatural. I think it's best to couple GSA with other link building methods.