GSA mentor - paying you %50 of my CPA Niche's earnings ! - Max 30 min of your time

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by 1337r0x, Jun 8, 2013.

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    Recently I've launched my CPA niche . I've got a hosting & domain and setuped the niche .. now it comes to SEO part , I've tried to create links manually but it's time consumption and a bit hard to do and to see fast results so i thought about GSA ranker as someone told me he use this software easily to create Tier1/2/3 links and get ranked fast without getting penalized . I have GSA ranker & Captcha sniper also I understand the basics of the both programs and the basics of SEO & Backlinking all I need is just a small push . Here's my niche's keyword list : gyazo[d0t]C[0]M/95eff08c6291f2b100e281250cae097b.png

    As you can see it got a lot of searches and the niche is kinda wanted , and again all i need is 30 min of your time to show me how to use GSA ranker to create t1/2/3 links and I will give you %50 of my 1st month's earnings . I'm currently using EmpireRevenue CPA network so we can deal through SAM (ER owner) over skype if you want a gurantee . If you're interested please PM me with ur skype or post here