GSA Blast vs Cheap PBNs - What's better for parasites?


Jun 16, 2019
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I have little to no experience with parasites ranking,
What's the best practice to rank a medium parasite for example?
I'm talking about cheap GSA contextual blasts vs cheap PBN links,
If you have ever tried both, what worked better?
A carefully done GSA blast could be cheaper, easier and better. But "blast" here can be misleading - don't blast on hundreds of sites. Do it nicely, on selected sites.
which is best cheap pbn service on bhw?
most GSA blasts are very very bad, I think cheap PBNs are better.
Back in ye olde days, I used GSA links towards shortened 301s. I also pointed pbns at the same parasites and the combination of both worked extremely well.
@eatingMemory does brilliant pbns for parasites, but I'd also check out the case study that @ATuringtest is doing just now.
Cheap PBNs, they work wonders, better indexing rate and stick around for a longer time. They atleast don't get deleted unlike GSA links, IMO.
Cheap PNB links are much better than GSA..
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