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Growing Several Accounts - different Goals, Suggestions will be appreciated.

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by Fishmatic, Nov 17, 2019.

  1. Fishmatic

    Fishmatic Newbie

    Aug 17, 2018
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    First of all let me describe what I am trying to do.

    So, I have been on BHW since September 18 and on AscendViral Since May 19.

    I have grown an account for one of my friend to 10K and several others to maximum of 3k without ever touching them again for settings using jarvee & HighProxies.

    Now I have a few other friends(Interior Designer, Car Detailing Service, Decor Manufacturer) those who have become interested in growing their accounts to get customers.

    And I am thinking of starting several niche pages of my own, so that if they pick up growth I can start offering products or services related to the niche (may be by collaborating with people already offering the same).

    So to move ahead I thought I will mostly use Mother/Child method but also engagements group and will keep the quality of the content and profile top end.

    Now, the things I am confused about:

    1. Automation Tools:
    I have used jarvee earlier, and I am thinking of using it for the main account. But for the child accounts I need a tool which can run more accounts simultaneously becuase jarvee is going to be expensive.

    2. VPS:
    I was using Amazon free VPS earlier but i was only running 3-5 accounts on that, But now as per my calculations the total number of accounts would be somewhere 50-100. I think the free VPS wouldnt be able to handle that number. So, what are the best suitable options for the mentioned and how much would it cost?

    3. Proxies:

    Earlier I had purchased Instagram proxies from HighProxies and used one proxy per account, and i did not bother about the location of the proxies.
    But now i have read somewhere that its better to use locations near to your original location. Is that correct?
    And What are the best proxies to use now ?
    I am thinking of using one per account for the main account and one per 3 accounts for the child accounts?

    So these are the things I am confused about, Please put in your feedback and suggestions on above mentioned.

    I will keep adding Weekly Updates on my progress.

  2. WhiteCatGlobal

    WhiteCatGlobal Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Nov 7, 2015
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    In my opinion you should stick with both Jarvee and your Amazon EC2 VPS for the following reasons.
    1. They are both solid options.
    2. You already seemingly have experience with these platforms.
    3. Both are very scalable and you can easily upgrade your subscription as you grow your mother/child setup.
    Also it isn't hard to transfer your Jarvee install to a new VPS once you've reached your max setup size, by this point you'll have a good idea of the VPS you'll need as you've upgraded your EC2 to meet your software requirements.

    As for proxies, 4G / LTE are your best bet these days for sure. Some say they're a little pricy for a mother / child setup but the fact that you can load them up with accounts safely I reckon makes them pay for themselves long term.
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