Growing a Music related Youtube channel

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    I'm running a music related Youtube channel and I’m looking for a way to get more traffic, interactions, etc. on it.

    It's the channel for my own music project and not a promotion channel for different artists, so I can’t upload a video every day…

    I've read a lot here on the forum gathering advices from different users, about the branding of the channel, intro video, thumbnails, etc. but I don't get enough traffic on my videos.

    I try to upload a video every week and I’m using the tags from big videos in my genre.

    Maybe you can help me a bit out, thank you :)
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    May 13, 2015
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    Music Promoting niche is way too crowded in Youtube and it really hard if you are starting as a new music channel. The trick here is you have to upload both copyrighted music and non copyrighted music, that how you can gain more traffic and more popularity for a music channel. People alway look for big/ famous artist.Other large music channel they have gain popularity and they got some kind of branding on youtube. If you want to upload non copyrighted music only then i think it will take you at least over 1 year to grow a decent fanbase to your channel, and you really have to make your channel different from other, make some thing people want to come to your channel to hear it.