Growing A Facebook Page from 50k to 500k in 6 months

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    The current situation:

    My football (soccer) website (Arsenal FC-related) needs more quality traffic from tier 1 & 2 geos and after working with several big Facebook fan pages to post our articles on a CPM basis I need to focus on growing my following in these geos. The FB page is up to 50k followers now and is starting to drive more traffic and can be a useful traffic source for affiliate offers in the future once I've established a huge following.

    I've mainly gotten this far from sharing our content on other big pages plus I've started to run FB ads that has helped boost our following in the top geos.

    I've spent ~$1k on FB ad spend so far promoting my page to UK, US, Germany, France, Netherlands, Scandinavia. Adding lots of interests like 'Arsenal FC' and a host of their players names. At one point I had an ad running at $0.05c per like which seemed OK. However I had to pause for a month or so, but when I resumed it was struggling to get down to $0.11c, so I added a few more images to test and the best I got to was $0.10c. Ughh.

    I then came across this post from IamAttila

    He suggests running separate adsets for different creatives and running broad to start with. I know this is for promoting an offer, but I wondered if I should be setting up my campaigns like this so all ads I run get a fair run. I tried that with 'Arsenal FC' the only interest, and it went pretty awfully. Best was like $0.17c after $100 spend across the 6 adsets.

    Question 1: Am I best to run page promotion campaigns like affiliate campaigns mentioned above with different ads setup in different adsets? Or just simply under one adset?

    Question 2: Should I try narrowing down the adsets with more 'interests' included? And if so should they then be broken into new adsets from the broad ones?

    Is anyone able to offer some insight here?

    I don't have a huge budget right now. But if I'm able to get down to $0.05c per like or less then I can inject more cash to help me reach my goal.


    Also, I've added a FB pixel with a 5m audience to run some ads too. However the tier 1&2 geo ratio isn't fantastic but hopefully it can attract cheaper likes?!

    Its from other platform, but is good exerirence.
    Hope helpful for BHW guys.
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    Interesting thread
    I'm following it