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Group Marketing-[targeted traffic]

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by giftedwizard, Feb 12, 2013.

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    Mar 2, 2011
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    Group Marketing
    If done right, this method will get you instant, targeted traffic to your site very fast. We?ll use Google Groups to get the traffic.
    On Google Groups there is a group about anything so your options are endless.It?s very easy to find a google group for your niche.
    Let?s say your site is in the Money-Making-Online niche. Just go to http://groups.google.com and search for ?make money online? .
    Now, click on Region -> United Stated
    Now you get a list with over 60 groups related to ?making money online?. The next step is to join these groups and post messages to get traffic to your site.
    You would think that the more members there are the more traffic you will get. I have found this to be false.Why?
    The more members there are, the more activity it will be and your posts will go down faster and people won?t see them.The result = Less traffic to your website.
    So what?s the solution?
    Choose groups with max 500 members.Those work best for me.
    The beauty of using groups is that every single one is targeted for your chosen niche, so this will provide you with highly targeted traffic.
    Also, Google only allows 15 posts per gmail account a day. This is more than enough because if you post to 15 groups that have around 500 members in them, then that is 7,500 potential targeted visitors.

    Joining a Group
    Go to any group from the list and click on ?Join this Group?
    Next, select the ?No Email? if you don?t want notifications after each message posted in that group, enter your desired Nickname and click on ?Join this Group?.

    Making Your Post
    All you want is to get traffic to your landing page, but at the same time you don?t want to look like you?re selling or promoting anything.The posts that work best are the ones in which you ask for their help or opinion.
    To make a new post click on the ?New Post? button that appears on the right side of the group?s page.
    You will be redirected to the page where you can enter your subject and message.
    For example(money making online niche):
    Subject: Make $100/Day ? Scam or Not?
    Message: I?ve read about this website on a forum the other day and people said that it?s legit. What do you think?
    Posting to Google groups takes very little time ? making fifteen posts shouldn?t take you very long at all. I usually just make one quick post, and then copy and paste it to the rest of the groups I chose to target.

    Even more traffic
    1. Just like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft(Windows Live) have their own groups. You can take one post and post it across all 3 platforms. This will give you even more exposure.
    2. Yahoo Answers ? Search for answers that are related to your niche. Find people that need what your site offers. Make a ?teaser? post just like you do with the groups that leads them to your site.
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