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    Somehow the CloudGods allowed me to stumble onto this site, and not being one to ignore the Gods, I signed up and here I am.

    I am a graphic designer learning webdev at a community college and in my free time. Lots of free time lately. I am just realizing that I will never beat the knowledge curve, so I press on without any expectation of "knowing it all"

    SEO is one of the important bricks for the brick hit shouse of webdev that I am building to keep out the big bad wolf of poverty and obscurity. Other than the 4 rules of SEO*, I am like a child in the lion's den, but I am one determined child.

    I hope to learn many of the nuts and bolts of honest SEO here, and I am ready for my erector set, Mr. DeMille.


    *1 Make your website accessible. 2 Create honest, compelling content. 3 update it often. 4 (don't know number 4, that's why I'm here)