Greetings - IM n00b here from an adult background

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by thaminger, Jan 28, 2012.

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    Hi everyone, been lurking for a while thought I'd better introduce myself...

    Firstly my post count is messed up does anyone know why?
    It was up to 13 posts a few days ago, then it went back to 2 for some reason.
    I am making new posts today but they don't seem to be registering on my count for some reason..? :eek:

    Anyway I am from an adult background, been working for 10+ years in that area, but always looking to branch out into new projects.

    I've built up a humour network in my spare time, more for a hobby at first but am now looking for ways to monetize it.

    It includes a blog currently on 30k uniques a month and rising, linked in with 2 facebook groups totaling about 10k fans between them, twitter with 6k followers, a youtube channel that needs more work lol and some other pages, fans and traffic all round are building nicely but I would like to turn some of these numbers into $money.

    So this is why I am here - to look around for ideas, network with others and of course learn as much as possible, about monetizing my current sites and also earning using other IM methods.

    My humor network is mostly based around pictures, I have already read a few good posts on how to earn from images, image hosting and the like, plus gleamed the start of what will hopefully become a few new ideas of my own (twists) :cool:

    I am a n00b to IM but in no way a n00b to working, and making money online. I've been sat at home working on computers for over a decade.

    Anyone who wants to say hello please get me on Skype.
    Thanks for listening and hello Blackhatworld!
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    IM at home
    I think you don t need help and you will make money fast!
    Good luck!