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Greetings from the 3rd World's Chaos !

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by krasbauer, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. krasbauer

    krasbauer Newbie

    Jun 20, 2017
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    Hey !

    So am gonna be telling a little story here, you might want to stop reading if you're not interested or if you got something better to do.

    My name is Amine, 24years old, am from a 3rd world country, my father was a professor so he kinda raised me to be the perfect corporations slave ! i got into med school (forced) and then....CRASH !

    This guy breaks into my house, tries to rape me then at court, it turns out am the guilty guy ! his family bribed the judge....and i got to jail (i kinda fucked him up with a knife defending my self). I was 20 years old, looking like a baby....crazy times indeed.

    Back to the outside, i got into an agriculture school, got my degree then got a managment degree and i nailed a job as a food inspector in the biggest port in my country then.....CRASH !

    Everything at my workplace worked with corruption, bribes...just to get poisonous and shittty food to people...i couldn't stand that so i declared a vendetta on my boss...and i won, he's in jail.

    What changed in me ? my life purpose has always been to leave a mark, to change the landscape of human history, even in a small way. My plan was to study more, get a job in a big corporate...then it hit me...corporate owners would never recognize my work. I tried so hard but only got my work stolen.

    So i decided it was time to work for my self ! make my own money and finance my own goal !

    I always had a deep love for the virtual world, so i started making projects, reading (Napoleon hill, Robert kiyosaki and the such) and preparing. Am not gonna leave this country, am gonna stay here, make it here, and change it from here so all the med students wouldn't go to jail and all the new inspectors wouldn't have such a shitty work environment ! i know. am such a big dreamer...and a doer !

    I currently have a small coffee distribution start-up and a small food export business. I needed to know more about marketing and i fell on this great thing that is BHW ! Greatest community ever, and way waaaay better than the scammy websites trying to sell you low grade information.

    So Hi people and thank you for all the information and help you are sharing here ! i will do my best to give back to you !