Greetings from Sweden!

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    Hello all!

    I'm a total nowbie, I willingly admit that :)

    I'm here for two reasons:

    1. I've gotten more and more interested in the things you discuss here at BHW mainly because I like to find out "how stuff works". Mission 1: to learn myself, just for the fun of it.

    2. To set up something myself, a web site for example or something else. Thats mission 2 actually: set something up and see if I can make some money from it and see how it goes from there.

    At the moment I'm browsing the discussions going on. It's inspriring and frustrating at the same time. Inspiring because many of you are successful and I want that to happen to me too. Frustrating because this is all new to me, and most of the time I actually don't understand what you're talking about, all the terminology and abbrevations etc. I'm getting the impression that making money on the Internet is a broad topic and I'm probably gonna have to break it down into pieces and foucs on just a couple of them. At least for a start. Am I right in this?

    Does this forum have a beginners area? I know very well from other forums, not BH-related, that pro's usually get tired of beginner's questions quickly. Or is it okay to ask newbie questions in the ordinary threads? I was thinking, how else would I ever learn.

    As a beginner, is it a good way to start by reading all the threads at BHW and ask questions there? Or do you recommend some other approach?