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    Hello there! :)

    I'm known as Damien15 on most places, i'm hungarian and i live in Zurich (Switzerland).

    I've been always into PCs [since kindergarden to be exact] and I've absorbed most of the information I have, just using my PC.
    The reason i'm so passionate about tech-stuff is that it's so easy to understand, yet you can create so many things, and let it do complicated tasks.
    Now, you might ask what i'm here for.
    I love doing things on my PC and especially on the internet,
    so i visit hundreds of thousands of websites each and every month! :D
    There are really a lot of things that i have already done with my PC,
    i've mixed music, i've created/edited images, i had a few websites, led several communities, was admin on gameservers, written little programs, etc. :)
    To make it short, I came across this website a while ago and registered right away. I've been browsing the forum ever since. :p
    I'm fairly new to the BlackHat world, but im certainly not a total n00b! ;)

    May you all have great success!
    [And please excuse my poor english skills :eek:]
    Truly yours, Damien15
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