Greeting BH world! Looking for some insight and advice :)

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by geekedtv, Apr 4, 2015.

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    Hey everyone would love to hear what you think I should do. We have a great concept on youtube and just started season 1.
    Can be found here.
    at youtube I think this is the user but BH wont let me post URLs......./c/geekedtvz

    I would love to hear your thoughts on if I should try to get a partnership or go it alone? Trying to get a good base start seems to be tough even with a unique idea. Any experience with the partner programs? Do they help bring in subs and comments?

    Feel free to comment on the youtubes as well ;)
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    I checked out your channel, and it seems pretty geeky. I mean that in a pretty decent way. You invested decent time setting up your channel, graphics, video ideas/concepts, and have a number of participants, so you have the components for success.

    Good job setting up the social networking accounts. Not sure what you are doing to promote currently, but it does appear your user base on those networks could use a push in the right direction. I'd suggest a few things ... first of all, don't even bother to do anything questionable with this YT account specifically ... don't buy views/likes/subscribes, etc... Your content is what YT community likes anyway, so let that happen naturally. That said, the social accounts are another thing altogether. I believe you can and should pick up some followers on twitter, IG, and facebook(check your supplier).

    You also need a strong hook/mechanism to encourage people to naturally share your content ... a web 2.0, or actual domain you own is a great place to direct traffic and a place where you can push a little more aggressively with what you do to incentivize people to share. The "viral nova" type sites can demonstrate what I mean by that, although it's not exactly how it would work in your case.

    I have never done any of the partner programs, and I have taken lots of chances with my YT endeavors, but I can say the regular YT partnership that lets you serve adsense should be fine for you. Just be sure you comply with all the TOS. As for building your initial base ... there are a lot of things you can do including following the subscribers of other high profile accounts in your niche, joining FB fanpages and participating, commenting on fb/instagram posts or youtube videos ... buying twitter retweets/favorites/followers, etc ...

    Once you get a little more familiar with each network you can easily devise a strategy to best pull exactly what you need from each traffic source. You got this.
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    Too monetize your gaming content you will have to be partnered with a gaming network (which is easy these days).

    One good thing for you though, is you can partner with them but you don't have to brand with them. So basically you have to give them some money to make some money (I know this because I have a monetized gaming channel with TGN).

    Follow the instructions as given by the poster above me (great info) and don't try to buy your way too the top.

    It will take time and effort I can promise you that. YouTube is covered in gaming channels.

    Good luck and have fun!