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    Back in the late 90's there was this program called green guy ip blocker. The icon was a little green circle with a face on it, and it blocked completely your IP by making it appear on the web when you went onto the net as having a ip address.

    I wish I still had it around somewhere but I don't unfortunately. I was wondering if anyone has any recollection of this program or know what it turned into (and if it's still able to be gotten). I used to use mIRC a lot, and when I hopped into the chat rooms I always irritated a particular room mod because my IP addy would show up all 0's and honestly, I'd rather have that kind of security back if I could find it.

    I'm sure the program probably got snatched up by a company and either trash-canned or put into private use, but I'd love to have that program again if anyone knows where it could be found at.

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    IP spoofing is nothing new, as you say, however I think the challenge that you'll have is your WAN IP is assigned by your ISP... the only thing I can think of is to setup a proxy server to tunnel through, and possibly run a spoofing code on it? But then in reality your proxy server still has an ISP assigned WAN IP, so... tough one.

    Notwithstanding that, depending on what you're actually doing, anyone motivated enough could still quickly and easily figure out who 'you' are even with a spoofed IP, because your MAC address is open for the world to see unless you spoof it too.

    EDIT: Again, not sure what your purpose is, however - consider using tor browser bundle, but only to the extent that you make yourself aware of it's vulnerabilities (to M-I-M sniffing, etc) and operate it accordingly.
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    What that program did is probably temporarily assign forcing your ISP to give you a new IP address, which works on some ISPs.

    There is no way to spoof your IP on the WWW and navigate normally. The way old school hackers used IP spoofing is not at all like the way the WWW works. Like tonyd said, I'd go for Tor or something like that if your intention is hiding your real IP for lawful purposes. If your intentions are illegal, then there's not amount of hiding you can do.