Great Webhosting First Month at $0.01 really unlimited.

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    Hey Guys,

    I see on black-hat world alot of people complain about thier webhosts. Well if your sick and tired off your webhosts and looking for something new. I think you should try out Spacenets its great fast and reliable. Since i see people saying that they are getting suspended for using to much bandwhich so on i rekon this is perfect for most the users here. The best thing aboutt them is they accept black hat traffic aslong as you do not space on the shared ips and get your own dedicated.

    They offer unlimited bandwhich and webspace provided the files uploaded to the server are the users own files and are to do with the website.

    As for auto blogs they really do not care aslong as you have your own dedicated ip and keep crons to around every 30 mins or so.

    Well I have a coupon which will get you guys the first month on their basic earth plan for $0.01. So its a great idea to try it out.


    I myself this month have used 140 GB of bandwhich between 6 domains.

    Support is great however they are not availble on live chat 24/7 however technical issues are normally answered in good timing when i create a ticket.
    So yeah try it out
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