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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by BigHustlah, Mar 16, 2010.

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    I have used a few different companies for proxy use, and I just wanted to share one of the better one's I've found. I started with PacketFlip, and liked their service OK, until people started abusing their IPs to shit and basically ruined it for everyone.

    So the company I have been working with recently is called Your Private Proxy.

    Pricing is pretty much normal, around $2/proxy for any significant number of proxies.

    The functionality is great. My favorite part about the service is the user interface, which allows you to choose which GEO location you want your proxies from, and also has a function where you can actually swap out your proxies once per month if you are not liking the performance. I haven't had to use this function, but I do like that it's there.

    The guy who runs the company responds really fast via email and so far, has been really nice and easy to deal with.

    Here is my affiliate link:

    And non-affiliate link:

    The proxies are good for scrapebox, classified ad posting, twitter, youtube, etc. The only things that are not allowed are xRumer, mailing, and, of course, completely illegal stuff like carding and underage p0rn, etc.

    In my experience they have worked really well and the support is awesome too, if you need it.
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    thanks.. how would you compare them to proxygo's services for $80 for a lifetime...

    would these work from countries like india
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    I'm using this proxy service, and I've had some mixed results. I've had my proxies closed down for email spamming (I have never done any form of email marketing, much less spamming) and today I had to contact them to let them know that most of my proxies had stopped working. The response was 'these things happen'.. They got them fixed, but I'm not so comfortable staying long term with these kinds of issues and so little concern for the random loss of proxies I've already paid for.