Great Oppurtunity for you . real Serious investors

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    Looking for about $500 initially, reason I say initially cause we dont plan on needing more but unforeseen event etc might cause for some additional fund. we will really only like to work with one partner ( if it was up to me, would be none but the cashflow is needed ) So if you can put up the $500 will be great, but we understand $500 is alot just to give, So if we can not Seal a single JV partner to a $500 investment we are willing to entertain smaller investments. The $500 investment will lock you into a 15% of the profits, and we are projecting $2,000-$3,000 monthly indefinitely. What you must know is you will not start seeing any return on your investment for at least 3-4 months.

    We are serious and expect the same from the JV.

    We will use paypal, and you can send the money as a loan for your safety.

    No Pm's please, post here and I Will pm you. Just easier.