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    I have been driving traffic to a penny auction site now for the last 5-6 months and have got to know the owner very well. Since I have been doing such great business with him I have talked him into giving people off of BHW the same deal he is giving me for commissions. This site will accept all traffic, CL, BP, FB, TW, Email, etc....

    The money can be very very good. I can tell you I make a decent living and I only send my traffic to this site now. I have tried to do JV's with people off this site and it has seemed to kind of not play out the way I hoped. So, what do I get out of this? Simple in order to get the same commission structure I am getting you have to just mention my user name to him. That's it... You will receive 20% of ALL sales, now and recurring for life. Instead of $20.00 for an initial sale.

    How do I make anything off this. Simple... if enough people start sending traffic under me he will pay me a portion of the sales generated.

    Will this come off your 20%... NO!!!

    Can you get this deal somewhere else... NO!!!

    Should you send your traffic to this site. YES only if you want to get paid and make some good money.

    What do you consider good money? Well I make about 200-400 a day. Do I have overhead, YES. Am I profiting 400 a day NO. What do I think you will make? I have no idea, but if you are not making lets say $50.00 a day something is really wrong.

    The best part is that you will work under your own account. Not mine, not some other account. Once you tell him my user name that is the last you will have to deal with me.

    Will you help me... YES!! I will help you with whatever I can, if you are making money I am making money and that is why we are all here.

    I can send you all the details if you PM me or if you would like me to PM you. We can even chat on the phone and I will let you know what has been working for me. I will help you anyway I can to be successful doing this. All I ask is that you give me thanks in this forum after you make some money.

    Thanks and i look forward to making some money :):dance::cow04:
    So lets end up here together... sorry these things make me