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    Hi, this is my first method in BHW. My english is not sooo good. but i think, you will understand what i have written. This method will somewhat looks like . But it is different.

    this method is very very simple method. you don't need to invest any money in this method.

    Here it is.........

    First go and register as a affiliate with your favorite dating website... i used but you can try what ever you like. don't go with AFF because it is already saturated.

    After registering. go to some article directories and get some dating articles..... atleast 10. Then create a ebook with those articles. You can add some eye catching banners, pictures, etc.,,

    Add your affiliate link in bottom of each and every page of your ebook and in text links.

    Now go to and type "dating" in the box. you will get different keyword ideas. Choose a best keyword which has huge amount of searches. give that keyword as the name for your ebook.

    Now upload your ebook in after uploading, click "edit file info" and add description, tags, with your keyword in it.

    Then click "Share" and go with "Sharing URL with File Name". copy the link in your notepad.

    Thats all...............

    now build links for that mediafire url with your targeted keyword. since mediafire is highly reputated site, you can easily get listed in top 10 within some days...... this is one way...........

    here is the another way.......

    buy a domain name. domain name should be somewhat related to dating. and redirect that domain to the mediafire url. then search for a very hot - top less video ( not porn ). and water mark that video some what like this.....


    Get $500 dating ebook for free

    It is sold more than 240000 copies, all over the world.

    and upload that video to metacafe. don't upload that video in youtube, because youtube don't accept those videos. thats all you will get 1000's of visitors downloading your ebook.....

    and so you will earn $$$$$$ daily...... since i am a active user in digitalpoint, i too going to share this same method as gr8webseller. so don't blame me....... :):):)
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    the method seems to be good at first sight, but i dont understand why to share it with DP.
    DP is for ripping them oftf and outsourcing, not to make more competition.
    but oh well, who is gonna take action after all?
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    I'm doing something similar to this to fund the membership site that I'm working on. The method works well so long as your ebook/report is quality. Also offering a "how to" report (like how to pick up internet girls) at the end of the book for the "low price of $7" gets decent conversions.

    Seriously this method is good stuff if you put a little thought into it.