Great JV for NASCAR Fans 1/2 of all profits

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    Oct 12, 2011
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    Ok so I have a website that Im not able to run alone what this website does is give away free nascar race tickets sorta like a freebies website, the site has two contests one for paypal donations and one for comments contest .

    Ok now for some figures: I figure to run the contests until we have earned enough money to buy a pair of tickets plus two to five thousand in profits which can be split between how ever many JV partners we have.

    Im thinking that if I find JV partners they can go to forums, chat rooms, and fantasy nascar sites letting people know about the site and I am setting up a forum on the site so that people can chat with other people to see its not a scam.

    Now I already built the site have a marketing plan in place with tons of social networking accounts and just need people who are intrested in promoting the site and earn there share of the profits.

    How profits are made again are two ways one is a paypal donations contest where the person who donates the most wins a pair of tickets and the other contest is setup so that the people who want to enter have to join up for a dating site or other cpa offer , they then go ahead and comment what there user name is so we can check they did signup. Once a month or whatever timetable we set we randomly pick a winner using a program I have that auto does this for us.

    Ok is there anyone out there that is intrested in JV ing for profits?