Great highly viral Advert idea. use with caution to get loads of trafic

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    I have seen this happen once before but for something completely different. (more of a targeted rant) rather than some highly viral advertising.

    Here is the idea..

    How many forums do you know that you would like to target with some very specific adverts?

    What you need to do is Start up an image hosting website, probably would work better on a non traceable VPS or a home server hosted website.

    The reason being, you will be annoying ALOT of people all at once, the last think you want is a retaliation lol.

    Right we have our Image hosting website, and our target forum.

    What you need to do is post several thread replies with an anchor hyper link back to your image hosing website. (make this look legit as possible)

    have a bot do all the posting and replying for you, all we will be doing is making our image host visible to the forum, you will be surprised how quickly certain image hosts catch on.

    you could spend a few months targeting several forums, or have some bot do all the work for you, use Scrapebox to find the forums for you.

    Some, i know from personal experience can be extremely busy.

    Great sales pitch for your image host would be to offer ANY size ANY format uploads.

    Right it has been a few months now, our image host is hosting roughly 200k images on several targeted forums (more than lightly on other forums as-well) and if your lucky everyone has decided to use your host for their forum signatures.

    The time has come to flick the switch so to speak, simply redirect every image link to an advert link of your own, of course 9/10 they wont be clickable simply an image online so you will need some convincing high converting adverts.

    Make a choice, randomize adverts on and off, or go all out and switch the image completely.

    Great hu? some highly targeted viral advertising.

    it works well because the only way your adverts can be removed is if a moderator spends a very long time removing the image links, if they barrd the site in anyway the forum would be full of unsightly error pages.

    so i recommend selecting peak times of the day to have the adverts go live.

    Enjoy & thank if you like.
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