Great Affiliate Program-The more you help to sell, the more you will be making!

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    Would like to introduce this great affiliate program here:

    Join BingoTrans for a Win-win Cooperation

    The time for B2B trading ecommerce is over, the time for B2C trading has come! B2B trade platforms once made international trade easier, but they fail to benefit end users.This reason alone results in the super fast development of BingoTrans. So if you haven't joined BingoTrans Affiliate Program, do grasp this golden chance.

    High Reliability
    BingoTrans respect and appreciate our affiliate?s effort on promoting our products, so we spend continuous effort on building a more fair, more reliable and more open inhouse affiliate program.
    We are currently working with hundreds of existing affiliate partners like sites and blogs in similar niche, SNS, bookmarking sites as well as well known coupon sites. There is still a long way laid ahead, but with your trust and participation we can build a much more fruitful future together.

    Accurate Tracking
    BingoTrans fully understands that a reliable referral tracking module is the key to a successful affiliate program, so we attached great importance on developing our tracking software at the initiative stage. Now, our tracking system can deliver reports similar to Google analytics in accuracy. Thus to guarantee our most valued affiliate partners won?t lose even a single click! Without any exaggeration, we can do better tracking than most world leading affiliate marketing platforms that we are currently working with.

    Prompt Payment
    Wherever you are, whenever you applied for your commission, we can deposite it your paypal account in the next 12 hours.
    BingoTrans will not hand out commission unless we get instruction from our affiliate partners because of the floating commission rate model we adopted. We will react to every withdraw instruction immediately, but if there is no instruction, we would consider you want higher commission rate, in the meantime, our system will roll your sales to the next month.