Graphics opportunity with the release of new Chrome?

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    Until recently, Google?s Chrome browser has used Windows? Graphic Device Interface - based on technology from a bygone age when screens weren?t flat and graphics were. This put them years behind the other browsers when it came to rendering. But not anymore!

    Google have released the latest beta version which now supports Microsoft?s DirectWrite API. For Windows users, running at least Vista, this means that fonts will finally look better on our modern screens.


    DirectWrite streamlines text, making them less bulky and blurred. It also accommodates those fancy flourishes that intimate pen-strokes and calligraphy.

    Users have been asking for this update for a while now, but the change necessitated ?extensive re-architecting and streamlining of Chrome?s font rendering engine?. Perhaps understandably, this feature wasn?t a top priority.

    The new Chrome 37 Beta now supports subpixel font scales, allowing smoother animations of text and greater support for touch events on high-resolution displays.

    The release isn?t all about font with a flourish though. As well as cleaner fonts, there?s support for a number of developer features, such as easier access to preferred language, access to the number of cores on a machine, and support for Web Cryptography JavaScript API.

    Google have also added the HTML5 <dialog> element so that developers can create dialog boxes in their web apps, while disabling another HTML feature: showModelDialog. The feature allowed sites to prevent any action until the user interacted with dialog, and although it is now rarely used, this long-awaited change will be well-received.

    How will you use it in your IM, is it time to refresh the BHW brand? It?s been a while.
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