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Graphic Communication is not just an art it’s a SCIENCE!

Discussion in 'Graphic Design' started by SirJackneeOff, May 11, 2013.

  1. SirJackneeOff

    SirJackneeOff Registered Member

    May 10, 2013
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    Graphic Design Freelancer
    "Don't do it for free"

    A peek to my first blog, book or something.

    This is just a draft friends... I will edit it later.
    Please give me some constructive criticism... thank you in advance!

    I hear it all the time, "do it for free to build your portfolio." If a partner can pay their car payment, mortgage, Internet bill or even eat, then they can pay you to create.

    Pro Bono is for the bigwigs and
    little jits. For the honest working(wo)man, it is a paycheck and how one must survive!

    Always sense someone before you do business with a simple question, "What is your budget?" Furthermore, invoice them for the entirety, even changes to a project... yes it will hurt but you have to eat. We shortchange ourselves because we put our emotion and passion into the projects. It is hard to be a business type but necessary not to be taken advantaged of. Take the emotion and passion out of invoicing and click the send button.

    I am not telling you to go off the deep end and invoice everything from pencils to a technology tax. As an example if a mechanic does 15 minutes of work on a car, he will still get paid an hour. You too, must learn the rules and the trick of the trade.

    I do, do free work for people I want to do free work for! Some causes that I find interesting really do need a bit of help. Do not be blinded by charities and non-for-profits! They have more money coming in that you will never see in your lifetime.

    Do other creatives a favor and say no. Do not set our youth up for failure by not invoicing. Major brands love to pitch the idea you will get exposure from them using your design or writing or music. Do not give in to their Tomfoolery and just say NO!
  2. zazstudio

    zazstudio Regular Member

    Feb 22, 2014
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    yes very True, commonly the clients gives bribe to the designer in sense of i will provide more work i have alot of work do this one in low cost and will gives you tons of work, i imagine if someone have tons of work in pipeline to do why they become so miser to pay the freelancer his worth, think and check before you pay. decision is your right but once you hired dont be so rude to freelancer although he gives his time and burn his money to in sense of electricity and other stuff.
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  3. IMCapitalist

    IMCapitalist Senior Member

    Jan 21, 2014
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    Google Universe
    Its true man. graphic communication are part of science. it speaks your product, your offer and helpful part. i agree with this.
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