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Brah I sent you a message on telegram for signing up. No reply yet. Please reply.
Making new invites again. Don’t worry guys, I am closely monitoring BHW and telegram. So expect within the day, I can send invites.
My account keep getting expired, I received another on today :(
Is it just me or any other user getting their account expired after a couple of days?

@averjr my account got expired again, kindly heck and let me know. thx
ANy news?

Is there a permanent solution to this...Cos it keeps getting expired every two to three days

So it's not just me then..
Hi, I am still investigating. I am close to finding out who’s the mole. I have stopped selling my services until I find out what’s happening. Before it used to stop after 24 hours. Now, I am able to make it work for 3-5 days. Hoping to find a permanent solution. Anyways, I have sent a new invite for everyone.
Can I buy 1 account for 1 month? Please PM me
Hi sorry for the late revert. I am having problem with my domain. I can’t access my website for emails. I will get back to you soon.

I keep getting new invites but every time:

Your invitation was revoked.​

Your admin has revoked your invitation.
Please ask your admin to invite you back or get a free individual account.

Any solution?
I have divided the teams into 2. I am closely monitoring the activities. Invite sent.
Method has been patched. I am discontinuing the service as I lost hundreds of dollars already on refunds and trying to find solutions. I refunded most of the people. I am sorry.
Not open for further replies.
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